We’ve found a bunch of games that will help you learn about the environment and have some fun at the same time.

Chemicals around your House
What should people always do before they even buy a household product? Take the test and find out how you rate!

Energy Quest
Learn more about energy and avoid being an energy vampire!

Green Kids USA
The place to read, watch, communicate, listen, and learn about our planet.

Green Sprouts
Provides tips, resources, and consulting services to businesses and families to help build stronger homes, companies, and communities.

Happy Earth Day Activity Book
An 11-page activity book full of tips for making the Earth a better place.

Interactive Water Cycle
In this animated activity, you control the water cycle as you learn.

The Imagination Factory
This site is great for teaching children creative ways to recycle by making art.

TAPPI’s Paper University
This is a great site to learn about paper and paper-making. There are games and fun science projects.

Waste no Words
How much do you know about garbage? Find out in this totally awesome crossword puzzle!