Waste Authority Library

If you would like to learn a little more about solid waste, we do have a selection of videos that can be checked out from our office. Topics include composting, electronic waste, and material by the children’s television network.

Please feel free to stop by the office and look through the selection and take a couple home to view. If you see something you like, all we ask is your name and address and that we get them back in a timely manner for the next person to use.

DVD Format

  1. Bag it – A documentary about the effect of plastic bags in our life
  2. Bill Nye the Science Guy – Garbage
  3. Curiosity Quest – Electronic Waste
  4. Tapped – An examination of the big business of bottled water

VHS Format

  1. Bill Nye the Science Guy – Biodiversity
  2. The Rotten Truth – All About Trash
  3. Elliot Mess – Waste Reduction
  4. Solid Waste Strategies – Unit Based Pricing
  5. Regional Collection Center – Household Hazardous Waste